A Landmark Year in Atlantic Canada

On the eastside of Canada, The Great Trail presents opportunities for a range of activities. Outdoor enthusiasts have relatively easy access to four unique provinces and their distinct sections of the Trail. While these Maritime provinces are among the smallest of our provinces, don’t call any of them ‘bite-sized’ — the landscapes you’ll find here are as grandiose as they are diverse.

Newfoundland & Labrador: It All Starts Here

The Great Trail in Newfoundland & Labrador is notable for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that Kilometre Zero East of The Great Trail is in Cape Spear, the easternmost point of North America. Our partners, the East Coast Trail Association (ECTA) have done amazing work. With the addition of the East Coast Trail, 265 km of trail have been added to The Great Trail network. Finally, a warm ‘thank you’ to the countless volunteers, donors and governments who continue to support this treasure known as the East Coast Trail.

Nova Scotia: The Final Push to Connection!

In Nova Scotia, we have been honoured to partner with the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (TIR) to select safe and picturesque road routes to connect the stunning greenways and waterways across the province. Notably, TIR is also developing a provincial cycling network called the Blue Route. Once fully developed, the Blue Route will include 3,000 km of bike-friendly trails connecting one end of Nova Scotia to the other. Finally, in collaboration with Nova Scotia Trails Federation, we added 55 kilometres of pathway to The Great Trail. In the coming months, Nova Scotia will be fully connected!

Prince Edward Island: A Little Something for Everyone

The Confederation Trail is Prince Edward Island’s section of our Canada-wide trail system, and it offers a little something for everyone. With picturesque rolling hills, quaint villages and spacious seascapes, an outing on the Confederation Trail makes the perfect week-long cycling trip. For geocaching aficionados, the 443-kilometre path is a hotspot that offers over 1,600 geocache sites. In Charlottetown, evening strollers can now enjoy The Great Trail using an 11-kilometre refurbished route, which includes an innovative ‘dark-sky compliant’ lighting system. Unveiled in December 2016, the lighting system consumes 50% less energy, and limits light pollution caused by artificial lighting. Now that’s what we call enlightening!

New-Brunswick: Celebrating Connection and Looking Forward

Spanning over 900 km from the northwest corner near Edmundston to the Confederation Bridge in the south, The Great Trail in New Brunswick passes through picturesque landscapes, historic communities and magnificent marshes. A notable milestone was achieved in October: New Brunswick’s section of The Great Trail was connected, province-wide, making it Canada’s fifth province or territory to reach this milestone. The accomplishment was celebrated at the residence of New Brunswick’s Lieutenant-Governor — Her Honour the Honourable Jocelyne Roy Vienneau — and an impressive Great Trail-themed cake was served. (If you’re imagining rivers, hills, cyclists and runners made out of edible fondant you’re on the right track.) The Government of Canada, Scotiabank, The McCain Foundation and the Echo Foundation played an integral role in connecting this section of The Great Trail. To these friends and to everyone else who has helped connect the Trail in New Brunswick, we offer a crackling round of applause!