Annual Report 2017-2018

The Meaning of Connection

Protecting the Trail for future generations

Who could have imagined 25 years ago that Canada would be home to the world’s longest network of multi-use trails? Many may have thought it impossible to achieve this audacious goal. But thanks to the incredible effort and support of our partners, volunteers and donors throughout the country, we can all take pride in having created Canada’s national Trail.

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Our connection to Canada's national Trail runs deep

Since the beginning of this bold project, Trans Canada Trail has made incredible strides in creating a cross-Canada trail. As such, the past year will remain one of the most important in our history. Thanks to our enthusiastic supporters across the country, The Great Trail now stretches for more than 24,000 kilometres and showcases the enduring spirit of our lands, peoples and communities.

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Trailside Highlights

So begins the next exciting chapter in The Great Trail’s story. Moving forward with a new campaign—aptly named Deeply Connected—the goal is to raise awareness and funds, while protecting and enhancing our national treasure.

Map of Canada

The year 2017-18 was a whirlwind, with events, Trail improvements and other achievements in every province and territory.

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Moments to Remember

Looking back over the past year, we are moved by the boundless energy, commitment and generosity that resulted in so many successful outcomes. Each of the following highlights—points of pride and the outcome of rewarding part

Thank you to the federal government!

They renewed their ongoing support for the Trail with a further commitment of $30 million, facilitated through our successful partnership with Parks Canada.

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The cross-Canada connection of The Great Trail

It was an action-packed summer. On August 26, we celebrated the cross-Canada connection of The Great Trail with an unforgettable event at Major’s Hill Park in Ottawa.

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Message from Valerie Pringle and Hartley Richardson, Co-Chairs of the Chapter 150 Campaign

What a chapter you wrote!

After another successful year, we would like to pause to appreciate our extraordinary achievements of the past 12 months. As with any large-scale fundraising effort, there were several challenges along the way; however, generous Canadians responded in spades. We not only reached our goal of connecting The Great Trail from coast to coast to coast, we also concluded the Chapter 150 Campaign with a grand total of over $83 million – handsomely exceeding our $75 million goal!
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Making an Impact

Dedicated donors are clearing the path to connection. Many trailblazers contribute directly to specific sections of this ambitious project, and we’d like to share a few of their stories.

Blake Hutcheson

Raising thousands of dollars in a single afternoon is no easy feat, but that’s exactly what Blake Hutcheson and the community of Huntsville did in 2017.

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Colin Deacon

For Colin Deacon, supporting The Great Trail’s development was something “genetically instilled” in him by his parents.

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Great Brands Think Alike

Our sponsors have made invaluable contributions to The Great Trail.

KEEN Footwear

KEEN Footwear played a critical role in the development of The Great Trail app – Powered by KEEN. The app, which has racked up over 45,000 downloads so far, allows users to plan and track their outings on the Trail.

The Globe and Mail

We’re also grateful for our ongoing relationship with The Globe and Mail, which continues to help us to share the inspiring stories of the Trail with creativity and innovation.

Clif Bar

We’re thrilled to have welcomed Clif Bar to The Great Trail family. In its first year as a sponsor, Clif Bar produced some of the most inspiring Trail videos we have seen to date, and was a valued supporter of our cross-Canada connection events.

Esri Canada

And, thanks to Esri Canada, people across the country and around the world can take advantage of our interactive online map. By donating resources to develop this map, Esri has been helping us to build a valuable asset of collective knowledge that preserves our national heritage and makes the Trail accessible to everyone.