Building Trail in Alberta

The Great Trail – the national legacy that fosters unity and collaboration – needs your help. This incredible network, on land and on water, links millions of Canadians in every province and territory. Now, it urgently requires support in order to be enhanced and protected.

Together, we need to ensure that the Trail will thrive today, tomorrow and for generations to come. Together, we need to breathe life into that word “connection” and reaffirm our commitment to this gift from Canadians to Canadians. Together, we need to protect the iconic project that we have created. We depend on your financial support to ensure the Trail remains a Canadian legacy that we can all take pride in – now and forever.


Trail improvements along the West Bragg Creek Trail

Through the development of the following projects, our goal is to improve the Trail experience in Alberta. However, we can’t complete them without your help. Discover how your gift will impact the Trail.


Merlin View Trail


A pedestrian bridge to take Trail users off roadway

At present, Trail users on part of the West Bragg Creek Trail have to continue their walk along a roadway bridge with no shoulders. By supporting the construction of a pedestrian bridge, TCT will ensure walkers and hikers remain on safe greenway.

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Upgrade to protect the Wetlands

TCT will support rerouting a 1.5-kilometre section of the Trail, known locally as Moose Loop, that currently crosses a sensitive wetland. This rerouting will protect the wilderness habitat in this area and will greatly improve the surface conditions of the Trail.

In addition, your gift will support upgrades to trail alignment for improved snow retention and drainage, creating an even better experience for cross-country skiers in the winter months.

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Crucial repairs and safety enhancements

Your gift will support trail rehabilitation on 500 metres of this Trail section, where tree roots and loose rocks have caused notable damage. Elsewhere, local volunteers plan to widen the junction of the Iron Creek and Boundary Ridge sections to improve the safety of a sharp turn.

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Banff legacy trail greenway

The journey into Banff National Park is one that both Albertans and visitors never forget, with spectacular snow-capped mountains, dense forests and the promise of adventure beckoning in the distance.

On entering the town, the Trail passes through a busy roadway that is shared with up to 17,000 vehicles per day. This roadway forces users to dismount their bikes and walk along the pavement. Worryingly, some cyclists choose not to dismount and illegally cross traffic, risking their safety.


Site of the future greenway on Banff Avenue


This year, TCT will support the creation of a two-way pathway from the end of the Banff Legacy Trail to the crossing at Marmot Crescent. This important development will make it even easier for cyclists to enjoy their trip to Banff National Park.

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Thanks to the generosity of thousands of donors across Canada, The Great Trail in Alberta traverses majestic mountains, serene prairie landscapes, rushing rapids and parkland. Nevertheless, we need to ensure The Great Trail remains a testament to all that Canadians can accomplish when we work together. For that, we rely on your support – now more than ever.

To learn more about those projects and the funds needed, click here to download the case for support.To learn more about how you can contribute to Canada’s national Trail, contact Simone Hicken at