Planned Giving Old

By  Trans Canada Trail in your estate plans, you’ll help ensure that future generations can also enjoy all the Trail has to offer. And you may find that you can make a more significant contribution to Canada than you ever imagined possible. Your lasting gift to Trans Canada Trail supports a national legacy that will be enjoyed by Canadians for generations to come.
Here are some of the most common ways Canadians choose to leave a legacy:

Life Insurance
A gift of life insurance is made when you name Trans Canada Trail as the beneficiary.* This means that you control the insurance policy and Trans Canada Trail would receive the insurance proceeds upon death.

Gifts of retirement plans are made when you name Trans Canada Trail as the beneficiary.* This means that upon your death Trans Canada Trail would receive the proceeds and your estate will receive a charitable tax receipt. This receipt will counterbalance your final tax return, transforming any final tax liabilities you have when you die into a charitable gift.

Charitable Remainder of Trusts
A gift of trust is made when you decide to make Trans Canada Trail the secondary beneficiary to an irrevocable trust. The primary beneficiary (or the income beneficiary) includes you and, if applicable, your spouse. Throughout your lifetime or for a stated period of time you will receive a predetermined amount of the trust. Upon death, Trans Canada Trail will receive the remainder of the trust.

A Gift in Memory of a Loved One
A gift in memory of a loved one is any type of gift given to remember a close friend or family member who has passed. This type of gift ensures that their legacy is always remembered through a charitable organization that has touched their heart. You can state the terms of your gift-in-memory in your will.

*Beneficiary is a person or organization that receives a bequest under a will, death benefits from a life insurance policy, or payments from a trust. The recipient of a bequest.

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