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Instagram is the perfect platform to share the beauties of Canada. So, we allowed our community to take possession of our account and present their point of view of their region. Different styles and different stories, that’s what our ‘Instagram takeovers’ offer you!

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December 21 – January 3
Anish Bhavsar
My name is Anish Bhavsar and I am currently a resident of Mississauga, ON. I am a lawyer and an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) professional in Toronto. In the last couple of years, I developed a hobby for hiking but it became a serious passion of mine during this year’s pandemic. Due to the many restrictions and limits implemented on our social lives, I took the opportunity to explore the many outdoor natural conservation parks, waterfalls, lakes, lookout points and natural sceneries that Ontario has to offer. This includes stumbling upon by chance the Caledon Trailway Path; which is part of the Great Trail of Canada. This was a wonderful opportunity for me to venture through Caledon on this trail and check out the beautiful fall foliage colours. I also enjoy photography and you can view my images that I have captured on my hiking Instagram.

October 13 – 26
East Coast Trail
The East Coast Trail Association is a registered charity established to provide a wilderness hiking experience by developing and maintaining the East Coast Trail, promoting public access, minimizing its impact on the natural environment and protecting it for future generations. A highly valued, well-maintained wilderness hiking trail that showcases the rugged natural beauty and cultural heritage along the eastern edge of the Avalon Peninsula. The East Coast Trail runs for 336 kilometres from Topsail Beach to Cappahayden. As a registered charity, we are able to continue providing pristine path conditions through the support of our members and volunteers.

September 14 – 27
Shannon Dewey
Hi! I’m Shannon Dewey, and I recently started section-hiking The Great Trail in Ontario. I stumbled upon it accidentally, my boyfriend and I were walking our pup on a new trail not far from home and noticed blazings we hadn’t seen before. I got a jolt of excitement then like I knew what was to come. 2 months later, I hit the beginning of the TCT Uxbridge section walking north. Dedicating long hours to the trail has taught me more than I thought anything could, and I am beyond thankful. Happy trailblazing!

August 10 – 23
Bo Seddon
I was born and raised in Yellowknife, so it was quite natural that the outdoors became part of my identity. Growing up in such a vastly unpopulated land has given me the opportunity to really appreciate the gift of wild spaces. My recent interest in photography has created a new way to express my love for adventure. Here’s to exploring The Great Trail of Canada!

July 15-28
Heather Matthews
Hi! I’m Heather. I was raised up in Southwestern Ontario, but I’ve called Calgary, Alberta home for the past ten years. Growing up, I spent the majority of my summers outside swimming, paddling, and exploring Ontario in all its beauty. Since my move West, I have discovered a passion for hiking and backpacking in the Canadian Rockies. I am a strong advocate for recreating responsibly, and I’ve always brought my camera with me on my adventures. Sharing photographs with friends and family is my favourite way to talk about our memories. I believe in photography as a medium that inspires others to try new experiences, so I hope my takeover motivates you to hit the trail sometime soon!

June 22-July 4
Great Canadian Trails
Great Canadian Trails (GCT) specializes in active holidays in Canada. Offering a large selection of innovative hiking and cycling adventures from coast to coast to coast, its itineraries draw upon some of the country’s most inspiring landscapes, incredible networks of trails, and stunning national parks. With both guided and supported self-guided options available, GCT is committed to providing a unique Canadian experience for those who value quality and exclusivity in their trips.

May 28-June 12
Sarah Reurekas
Growing up in a small town in Ontario and spending all my summers in a trailer park in cottage country, I’ve had a love of the outdoors my whole life. Seven years ago when my boyfriend and I adopted our dog, Badu, we started exploring the trail. The last year and a half, we have thoroughly explored 60km worth of The Great Trail around our home from Omemee to Hastings and I’ve taken about a million pictures a long the way.

March 16-27
Jacqueline Nora
Being a farm girl born and raised, I grew up with a deep love for the outdoors and everything in it. You can catch me anywhere most people aren’t, usually with my camera in hand. I have a strong passion for wildlife and enjoy documenting and sharing what I see. In the last few years I’ve explored most of the Manitoba portion of the trail and I look forward to sharing some of my experiences with you. Follow me and The Great Trail in March 2020 for my trail takeover!

March 2-13
Vince Blais
With nothing else but passion for his craft and new adventures, Vince Blais pushes all boundaries as a professional photographer & videographer when it comes to creativity.

February 17-28
Luke Cross
I’m originally from London UK and now live in the beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island BC. Soon after moving to the Island in 2012 I purchased my first Jeep, and decided to start exploring the Islands endless maze of trails and backroads where I discovered stunning views, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and forests like I had only ever seen on TV back in the UK. I was instantly hooked! If I wasn’t working. I was exploring. On a road trip in 2017 I picked up my fiancé’s DSLR camera, spent the whole trip learning how to use the manual settings and that was it. Where I went. The camera went. A habit that hasn’t changed in 3 years. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.

February 3-14
Dayna Robbie
Dayna Robbie was born and raised just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Like many of us, she has a nine-to-five desk job during the week but transforms into a “weekend warrior” once the weekend arrives. Dayna’s favourite shoes are easily her hikers, and her adventures by foot have taken her through the depths of the Grand Canyon to the heights of Hawaiian ridge lines and mountains throughout western Canada. Dayna is passionate about spending time outside and it brings her joy to share the beauty of the outdoors with others. You’ll either catch her hiking with family, friends, or hosting group hikes for other women as Manitoba’s Ambassador for Women Who Hike. Life is an adventure and Dayna’s here to make the most of it – consider this your invitation from her to get outside!

January 20-31
Tanner Woods
Hello! My name is Tanner Woods, a Tourism / Landscape photographer / videographer based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. The outdoors and nature have always been apart of my life, but recently because of photography, my love for adventure has grown significantly. My home of Manitoba offers some of the most stunning sunsets I’ve ever seen, coupled with the vastness of the prairies, the variety of wildlife, and the intensity of weather we experience makes it a home I never want to stop exploring. The Great Trail in Manitoba offers some of the best views, giving a chance for all to experience the beauty in our province of Manitoba. I hope to see you on the Trail this year!

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