Where to enjoy nature on The Great Trail of Canada

Spend time with Mother Nature

Did you know that 80% of Canadians are only 30 minutes away from a section of The Great Trail of Canada? With over 24,000 kilometres of Trail connecting our coasts and communities, there’s plenty of diverse landscapes and cultures to explore. Or, simply pick a spot to stop, breathe and take in great moments.

Here are some suggestions for you to get in touch with nature while on The Great Trail.

Our top 5 Trail sections

1 – P’tit Train du Nord, Quebec

2 – Laura Secord Legacy Trail, Ontario

3 – Chief Isadore Trail, British Columbia

4 – Confederation Trail, Prince Edward Island

5 – Kawartha Trans Canada Trail, Ontario

Keep exploring, consult our interactive map.

One word only, nature.

Canada offers way more than just green spaces, mountains, forests and rivers. Here a tiny bit example.

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