Call for new proposals for the Trail Capital Improvement Plan is now open

The 2018-2022 Trail Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a strategic document that links new Trail projects to the mission and objectives of Trans Canada Trail, as approved by its Board of Directors.

The CIP includes identification and prioritization of selected projects, justification for selection, planned budget, completion dates and related funding.

The format of the CIP facilitates the planning and approval of several potential projects in a single step. It provides a comprehensive overview of priorities, objectives and collaboration between departments and partners. It also allows for efficient management of available funds.

There will be annual reviews to allow for the evolution of the plan and to incorporate unforeseen challenges and successes.

Refer to our Support and Development Guidelines to learn more about our objectives around TCT projects.

After reading our guidelines, if you are eligible according to our criteria, please submit your project using our online form.