New insurance program for TCT & partner organizations

The Trans Canada Trail (TCT) and Oasis Insurance (as represented by Ken Anderson of Prestige Insurance Brokers) are pleased to announce a new insurance program designed specifically for the Trans Canada Trail and all its partner organizations at the provincial and territorial levels including all their members.*

Sanderson Layng, President and CEO of the Trans Canada Trail says “We are very pleased to provide this opportunity to our partners and their members in an effort to alleviate one of the most difficult problems in the creation of trail in Canada. While we believe that insurance coverage will ultimately be solved through legislative reform, the program designed by Ken Anderson of Oasis is a very helpful solution for today and we are grateful for his leadership in putting this program together based on his 12 years of experience in assessing our Trail requirements and needs.”

“By participating under the Trans Canada Trail banner, trail organizations are able to reduce costs and improve coverage significantly,” says Ken Anderson, “and we invite all trail organizations to come to our website to download and complete an application under the Trans Canada Trail banner to experience reduced costs, greater coverage for liability and new opportunities for coverage for Directors and Officers as well as accident benefits.”

For some trail organizations, this program will mean being able to increase insurance coverage by 150% while cutting costs in half.

The Prime Features of this insurance include coverage for –

• Bodily Injury or Property Damage caused to a Third Party by you, your employees, your volunteers, and your affiliated club members while participating in your activities, including social events, fund raising, and other normal activities necessary to conduct day to day operations.

• Policy Period: One (1) year from date of inception
12:01 am Standard Time at the address of the Insured

• Insurer: Lloyd’s of London

• Program Limits: $ 5,000,000 each occurrence
$ 5,000,000 products/completed operations
$ 5,000,000 personal injury or advertising injury
$ 5,000,000 non-owned automobile
$ 5,000,000 host liquor liability
$ 5,000,000 general aggregate
$ 250,000 tenant’s legal liability
$ 1,000/$ 10,000 medical expenses (any one person/
any one claim)
$ 250,000 forest fire fighting expenses

• Deductible $ 1,000 per (reimbursement) occurrence against TCT Partners and their member organizations
$ 10,000 for Forest Fire Fighting expenses in all
$ 10,000 for Host Liquor Liability in all incidents

• Subject to: Completed application for each entity
Review of Risk Management/loss prevention
Five year loss history

* Premiums may be higher for motorized activities.

Coverage only begins once a completed application has been submitted and coverage confirmed to the applicant, so please take action now.

For detailed Information and the full program, please contact Ken Anderson at:

Toll free 1 888 539 2485 – Toll free fax 1 866 488 6122