Discover Biodiversity on the Trans Canada Trail

2010 International Year of Biodiversity

In association with Environment Canada, Trans Canada Trail is proud to celebrate the richness of our natural world and bring attention to the importance of safeguarding biodiversity.
What is biodiversity?
Biodiversity is the variety of living things. All living species on Earth have a relationship to each other and the ecosystems in which they live. The more variety of species and ecosystems there are, the easier it is for our natural environment to recover from change. A loss of one species through habitat destruction or pollution affects the lives of other species, including human beings, who depend on a wide variety of plants and animals in our daily lives.

Rattray Marsh on the Waterfront Trail in Mississauga, ONNature matters
To raise awareness of the value of biodiversity, Environment Canada welcomed Canadians between the ages of 9 and 35 to submit a video or written essay on why nature matters. One winner and two runners up have been selected from each age group – see the exciting results… [More]

What you can do
The International Year of Biodiversity is a unique opportunity to increase understanding of the vital role that biodiversity plays in sustaining A wildlife 'oasis' near Chambly, Québeclife on Earth. Find out more by visiting Environment Canada’s Biodiversity website. Share youth-oriented links like the Hinterland Who’s Who biodiversity series with your children or students. Explore and discover the great outdoors with an Urban or Nature Biokit.

To get you started, think about the plants, animals, wetlands, or forests near you. Why does nature matter? Tell us in your own words – we’d love to hear from you.