“All in” in Sudbury

The Rainbow Routes Association has been busy putting together events, maps and a discussion forum on all things trail.

First up is the 2nd Annual Geocache “Hike and Seek” which will be held this Sunday (May 27th) from 9 am to 4:30 pm. And yes, there is a poker theme involved.

International Trails Day (June 2nd) will be celebrated with Frank and Gordon leading a 3.5 km walking tour of the Kelly Lake Trail. Festivities will commence at 10 am at Fielding Memorial Park, including the unveiling of a new plaque at the TCT pavilion and the launch of Rainbow Routes’ new trail tour guides. Don’t miss it!

And finally, the new Rainbow Routes Discussion Forum gives Sudbury’s walking, hiking, and trail enthusiasts a place to exchange information and offer feedback. There’s some chatter ongoing about pink flamingoes, but I don’t think they’re real.

For more information on events, trail guides, and the discussion forum, click the link at the beginning of this post.

Family excursion on the Kelly Lake Trail.