Support our Dream – Take to the Trail on June 7th

Please join us on Saturday, June 7th for the First Annual Walk the Trail in support of the Trans Canada Trail, the longest trail of its kind in the world. Feel free to walk, roll, run, cycle, ride your horse whatever activity is permitted on the section of trail nearest you.

Veronica Carroll, Chief Development Officer, is excited about the new initiative. “We wanted to make it as easy and accessible as possible for everyone – both to encourage participation and give people a chance to celebrate International Trails Day in their own way. That’s why there are no minimum distances or donation levels imposed. We put a lot of thought into the online program, which takes you through the registration process step-by-step. We have a no-muss, no-fuss form that you can follow to create your own fundraising page, and a tool that will send a donation request by e-mail to the friends and family members you choose.”

Ms. Carroll is planning to lead a walk in her own neighbourhood and sees the development of specific walks in major centres for next year. “Many communities across Canada already celebrate Trails Day. This is an opportunity for those who haven’t been part of the festivities to join in and give back. Trails were vital to the development of this country and, as we focus our attention on physical well-being, the health of our planet, and alternative means of transportation, trails are becoming increasingly important once again. We’ve come full circle.”

For the walkers and rollers, hikers and bikers, riders and paddlers, International Trails Day is our day. Let’s make it a great one.