The Capital Improvement Plan is open for submissions

What is the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)?

The CIP includes the identification and prioritization of selected projects, the justification for their selection, a proposed budget, estimated completion dates and related funding linked to each project. See a quick overview of our priorities and project type examples below, but please consult the full CIP guidelines, as well as the signage guidelines before applying.







Our priorities

  • Increase and improve the quality of The Great Trail: built to standards
  • Improve safety and comfort of users
  • The Great Trail: being inclusive
  • Provide signage and wayfinding

Project types examples

  • Construction of new Trail sections and addition of infrastructure
  • Added viewpoints or points of interest
  • Construction of a uniform trail surface to make Trail usage consistent
  • Indigenous-led projects, project partnerships and consultations with Indigenous communities
  • Installation of washrooms and other amenities that follow accessibility standards
  • Trailhead design and installation
  • New educational interpretive panels