Jack Cockwell

Brookfield Partners Foundation, Tim Price and Jack Cockwell

Jack Cockwell,  C.M., Group Chairman, Brookfield Asset Management

The Trans Canada Trail is an amazing national project undertaken by thousands of volunteers for all Canadians and visitors to experience its vastness and natural beauty. The Trail not only reminds Canadians of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but also symbolically binds us together in a unique way, stretching across the country from coast to coast to coast. Whether passing through pristine wilderness areas, over mountains, around lakes and through old growth forests, you cannot help but emerge from a hike along any section of the Trail without feeling refreshed, healthier and a more thoughtful person. Everyone at Brookfield congratulates those who had the foresight to conceive and organize the building of the first 17,000 kilometres of the Trans Canada Trail, many of whom remain actively involved with the Chapter 150 Campaign to expedite its completion by Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017. We feel truly privileged to have the opportunity to make a contribution in support of this commendable national project, and look forward, with the rest of Canada, to its completion.