Gill Winckler

Director, TCT Board,  British Columbia

Gill is a former business executive with over 25 years of diversified experience in the metals and mining industry and the financial sector. Currently she is serving as a non executive director for Pan American Silver, West Fraser Timber and Arizona Mining. Gill has always looked to combine her passion for the environment and conservation with the needs of society and the necessity for a functioning economy.

Gill grew up in South Africa where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree and then went on to become a Chartered Accountant. Gill’s first ten years in the workforce were spent in South Africa and in London, United Kingdom, where she worked in the accounting profession and in investment banking. In 1997 she joined Billiton in London where she was involved with corporate finance and development, working across the company’s many operations. In 2009 Gill moved across to Vancouver, Canada, with the company, where she spent lots of time in the North West Territories and in Saskatchewan at the company’s diamond mine and potash projects. After leaving BHPBilliton in 2012 Gill became the CEO of Coalspur, a thermal coal development company with a project in Alberta where she remained for three years.

For the past few years Gill has been working as a non executive director for a few companies and enjoying the Canadian lifestyle. An avid outdoor enthusiast Gill is often walking and biking in the local forests, kayaking in Vancouver bay and having outdoor picnics and barbeques. Gill looks forward to completing the Great Trail over the next few years and exploring more of the country where she is now a citizen.

Gill joined the Board of Trans Canada Trail in 2018.