Carolyn MacKay

Director, TCT Board,  New Brunswick

Carolyn MacKay is a proud New Brunswicker with a particular interest in public service.

Professionally, she was a career civil servant with the Province of New Brunswick. She retired in January 2014, after 37 years of service.

During her career she held a number of senior civil servant positions. In 2007, she was named Deputy Minister and has had the pleasure of leading a number of departments, including the Department of Tourism and Parks, the Department of Wellness, Culture and Sport, and the Department of Healthy and Inclusive Communities.

As Deputy Minister, she promoted the extensive trail system in New Brunswick from both a tourism and wellness perspective with the private sector, the municipal sector and the not for profit community. Nationally, she has been active at a number of federal/provincial/territorial tables, including the Deputy Ministers of Health and Healthy Living, the Deputy Ministers of Sport and Physical Activity, and the Deputy Ministers of Culture.

Board experience includes the New Brunswick Industrial Development Board, the Algonquin Hotel Board of Directors, and the Institute of Public Administration of Canada, NB Chapter. Carolyn is Vice- Chair of the Board of Governors of St. Thomas University in Fredericton, NB. She was recently appointed as a Commissioner by the Province of New Brunswick  for the New Brunswick Electoral Reform Commission.

Carolyn received a Bachelors degree in Nursing and a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of New Brunswick. She is a graduate of French Immersion from the University of Laval and the Program for Public Executives from Queen’s University.

Throughout the year Carolyn enjoys the beautiful Trans Canada Trail that runs in front of her home on the St John River.

Ms. MacKay joined the Trans Canada Trail in 2014.