Japman Bajaj

Director,  Alberta

Japman Bajaj is a young entrepreneur with a penchant for building successful projects and businesses. A 2010 recipient of the Social Youth Entrepreneur of the Year award, and recognized in 2012 as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum. Today, he serves as a key member of the Executive Team at Soshal, a valued advisor in web and digital communications to the Visiting Bands Committee at the Calgary Stampede, and a committed and engaged community leader in the City of Calgary.

As a Global Shaper since 2012, Japman has been very active in the international Global Shapers Community, fostering transnational relationships and contributing to global thought leadership on a variety of topics ranging from governance and structure to partnerships and program development. Japman often served as Chair of the Monthly Meeting of the North American Curators, and spearheaded the joint Calgary and Edmonton Bid to bring SHAPE North America to Canada for the first time ever in 2015. As Co-Chair, Japman supported a team of over 20 of Alberta’s top emerging leaders in delivering a unique and rare gathering of Global Shapers in North America. The 2015 SHAPE conference is the largest in the history of the event to date.

Japman is a co-founder of Soshal Group, a leading national digital media agency providing full-service digital services to Canada’s top education, medical, and private sector brands. As with in any startup, Japman wears many hats; he is also responsible for strategic direction and business development, as well as contributing to creative projects for clients.

He brings to any team a focus on strategy, on delivery, on identifying revenue streams, and on building value-added products and services. No stranger to hard work and long hours, Japman is sought after to be a part of numerous community initiatives, start-ups and organizations.

Japman is a speaker on entrepreneurship, motivation, and youth leadership, and is an active philanthropist.