Michael Lindsay

Chair, TCT Board,  Ontario

Michael Lindsay has spent more than ten years supporting public and private entities pursuing major infrastructure programs and projects.

He was recently the Global Director of Infrastructure Planning & Advisory at Hatch. He served clients as far apart as San Francisco and Johannesburg, helping governments create public-private partnerships (“P3s”), and helping private investors effectively negotiate the terms and scope of those partnerships.

Before joining Hatch, Michael was Senior Vice President of Commercial Projects at Infrastructure Ontario. In that role, he was responsible for commercial transactions related to the financing, development, and divestiture of public assets in Ontario (e.g. land, buildings, services). His team structured P3s related to energy, transit and social infrastructure, and contracted private entities to deliver services through a range of outsourced models.

Prior to this, Michael was an Associate Principal with McKinsey & Company, where he was a core leader of the Canadian Public Sector Practice. He helped provincial and federal ministries reduce costs, improve service, and analyze the effectiveness of money spent on economic development and innovation.

In April 2018, Michael joined the Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (“IMCO”) as its Head of Strategic Partnerships & Government.

Michael is a graduate of Oxford (MPhil) and Queen’s University (BAH).

Michael joined the TCT Board in 2017.