Neil Yeates

Vice-Chair,  Ontario & Alberta (4)

Neil Yeates graduated from Queen’s University (Politics and History) in 1981 and the University of Regina (Political Science) in 1986. He began his career with the government of Saskatchewan in 1981 at the Department of Health, and subsequently worked in Social Services, Finance, Post-Secondary Education and Skills Training, Corrections and Public Safety, and K-12 Education, serving as the Deputy Minister of the latter three departments.

Mr. Yeates moved to the federal government in 2004 and worked at Industry Canada, Health Canada, Indian and Northern Affairs, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), serving as the Deputy Minister of CIC from 2009 to 2013. He retired from his governmental position in August 2013.

In addition to his work in government, Mr. Yeates has volunteered his time to several non-profit organizations, working with university and health boards, aboriginal organizations, and a wide variety of human services NGOs. He also served on the board of a federal crown corporation (Canadian Commercial Corp) and briefly on a national health services board (Canadian Council on Health Series Accreditation). At a community level, he has served on day care, condo, museum and United Way boards.

Mr. Yeates is married to Glenda Yeates, recently Deputy Minister of Health Canada. Along with the rest of his family, he is a keen hiker.

Mr. Yeates joined the Trans Canada Trail Board in 2013.