Ruth Marr

Ruth Marr

Director,  Manitoba (6)

Ruth Marr has over 25 years of senior consulting and travel industry experience. As a founder of Randonnée and President during the 15 years that she owned and operated it, Ms. Marr, now President of both Rowing The WorldTM and Marr Consulting International Ltd., does not just talk the theory of tourism – she acts on the reality of travel.

Through her various consulting practices, Ruth has earned her living not only through environmental and active transportation consulting and public consultation, but especially in making good business decisions about tourism potential, the business of tourism, and in understanding a changing market. Hands-on, practical experience in the travel industry combines with eclectic and innovative experience in managing complex projects involving a variety of stakeholders. Ruth is well experienced in applying rigorous study principles to fully evaluate the opportunities, constraints and especially the consequences of decisions.

Among her many accomplishments, Ms. Marr has worked with the City of Winnipeg on its Active Transportation Infrastructure Stimulus Program in building 100 kilometres of walking and cycling facilities; developed a toolkit for tourism operators (“Green Your Business”), and founded North America’s leading company dedicated to active, self-guided vacations in Europe and North America (Randonnée tours and Randonnée Adventure Travel Ltd.). She has extensive experience in trail and tourism consulting projects.

Ms. Marr’s volunteer involvement is extensive, having most recently served as President of the Manitoba Recreational Trail Association. She is currently the Chair of “The Great Get Off Your Butt & Ski Event”, and a member of the Canadian Sustainable Tourism Advisory Council. Past Board involvement included membership in the Canadian Trails Federation, the Cross-Country Ski Association of Manitoba, the Travel Manitoba Outdoor Tourism Industry Advisory Committee, the Travel Manitoba Rural Regional Tourism Task Force and the Canadian Tourism Commission’s national subcommittee on outdoor tourism.

She has also published two books, the Manitoba Outdoor Adventure Guide: Cycling, and the Manitoba Walking and Hiking Guide.

Ms. Marr joined the Trans Canada Trail Board in 2011.