Celebrations on The Great Trail

Our Big Year is Here!

Thank you to all those who submitted an application. See below for what’s next!

TCT’s goal is to connect the Trail and the country for a grand celebration on August 26, 2017. We want you to celebrate the full connection of The Great Trail and Canada’s 150th on YOUR section of the Trail, and we’re going to help you throw an unforgettable party!

Next Steps:

  • August 2017 – Final Recipients will be mailed an “Event in a Tote” with physical materials to help support events, including grant cheque.
  • Aug 26th 2017 – Time to celebrate! Take pictures and have fun from coast to coast to coast while taking part in a national day of celebration.

Event resources

We are pleased to provide you with a number of resources to assist in the event preparation and execution of your Trans Canada Trail Celebrations on The Great Trail event.

Listed below are the documents currently included, please check back frequently as we will be adding additional documents.

Hosting an Event

Promoting your Event

Other Resources

Final Budget

  • Final Budget (updated on August 29)

    Below is the link to the TCT website listing Celebrations on The Great Trail events taking place across Canada on August 26. Please review the map at the bottom of the webpage and advise if any of the information has changed or needs updating:  https://thegreattrail.ca/celebrate/. Please note we will be updating this webpage with your edits frequently.

    Don’t see your event on the map? This means we do not have a precise enough location to place a marker on the map. Please email the exact location; either full address with postal code and/or GPS coordinates and/or Google Maps link.

    Two helpful clarifications:

    • LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS – When it is determined that the activities will affect only one official language community, communications may be in the official language of that community only.  However, when it is determined that the activities will affect members of both official language communities, all communications must be made in both official languages.
    • LOGO APPROVAL – We do not need to approve the documents/messages produced for your event. However, please review the CAN150 logos provided on the Event Toolkit webpage to ensure you are using the correct version.

    The TCT team is here to assist you – if you have any questions that the online Event Toolkit did not answer, please don’t hesitate to contact us at events@tctrail.ca.

    This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.