Trail Nation
24,000 km of trails and some adventures

Currently on The Great Trail

Courageous. Determined. Inspiring. These are just a few of the words that describe our Trail Nation – adventurous trailblazers who choose to discover Canada at a slower pace on The Great Trail.

Their journeys are not easy. Stretching for 24,000 kilometres across Canada, The Great Trail abides by the natural landscapes and waterways it passes through, making for a very challenging adventure. The expeditions that these pathfinders undertake are physically and mentally demanding. In fact, it could take over two years to cross Canada on foot.

Nevertheless, the perseverance of these pathfinders motivates us. Discover their stories and updates from the Trail.

WEBO (west bound)
NOBO (north bound)
SOBO (south bound)
ESBO (east bound)
WENOBO (west-north bound)
NOWEBO (north-west bound)
NOESBO (north-east bound)
ESNOBO (east-north bound)
THRUWE (full from west)
THRUES (full from east)
THRUNO (full from north)

These Trail Nation already accomplished their adventure

Whether in whole or in part, these explorers have already faced the challenges of the Great Trail.

Whether eastbound (ESBO), westbound (WEBO) or Thru from west (THRUWE), they have become inspirations and models.

Discover or re-discover them.