Annual Report 2019-2020

Great Big Thank You

A message from Michael Lindsay, Chair of the TCT Board of Directors

My friends, The Great Trail is an important part of our national identity. But this line, which connects three oceans, is a very fragile one. Our work to enhance, maintain and promote the Trail is not done.

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A message from Eleanor McMahon, President & CEO of Trans Canada Trail

It is an honour for me to take on the role of President & CEO of Trans Canada Trail, and to join this amazing group of donors, trail builders and supporters. Our successes are thanks to people like you, and I am excited to contribute to the wonderful legacy that you have helped to create.

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Trailside Highlights

Together, we’ve created the world’s longest network of recreational, multi-use trails. However, we’re only getting started.

Find your place on The Great Trail of Canada

With the support of donors, volunteers and governments, we continue to ensure the Trail is a Canadian legacy that we can all take pride in.

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The Great Trail in 12 months

Last year was filled with phenomenal achievements, inspiring stories and unforgettable moments.

New Spring Cleanup Grant Program

We were proud to grant funding to help 138 groups spruce up their Trail sections. Through the first-ever Spring Cleanup Grant, 173 cleanup events were held across Canada and a total of $167,000 was disbursed to support these efforts.
From removing fallen trees and debris to clearing Trail sections of trash, determined volunteers of all ages got together to tidy their trail and organize fun post-cleanup celebrations.

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Our thanks to Parks Canada

Our achievements this year would not have been possible without our many supporters at all levels of government. In particular, we remain very grateful to our friends at Parks Canada, who continue to support our mission of converting interim roadways to greenways, engaging and including Indigenous communities, making the Trail more accessible, funding repairs needed to maintain connection, and creating links with other major trail networks. We are also thankful for their generous contribution of $30 million from 2018 to 2022.

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A message from Valerie Pringle

Chair of the TCT Foundation Board

For years, I have called The Great Trail of Canada the greatest project in the history of the world. I know it’s hyperbolic, but I believe it. The Trail connects our oceans and at more than 27,000 kilometres, it has earned the title of the longest network of recreational multi-use trails in the world.

But that isn’t the only reason The Great Trail is so great. It speaks to everything worthy about nation building, accessibility, exercise, health, nature and connecting Canadians.
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Donors Make Their Impact

Many trailblazers contribute directly to this ambitious project, and we’d like to share a few of their stories.

Courtney Pratt

"The national scope of The Great Trail – the fact that this network connects us from coast to coast to coast – is something truly valuable."

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Jack and Jane Lockwood

“The Trail gives young people a simple way to get outdoors and see nature in their neighbourhoods and across Canada.”

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The Power of Partnership

With every step forward that we’ve taken, our dedicated sponsors have been on board and ready to support us. From providing the coveted prizes of The Great Trail Treasure Hunt to simply helping us connect more Canadians to the Trail’s story, these six organizations have contributed much to last year’s wonderful progress.

KEEN Footwear

Thanks to their unwavering support since 2017, KEEN Footwear is the perfect fit for TCT. By regularly donating gift cards for TCT’s contests and events, as well as including us in their own marketing efforts, they have actively helped us introduce The Great Trail of Canada to wider audiences, and we are so grateful for their support.

The Globe and Mail

As long-time supporters of TCT and its mission, The Globe and Mail has done much to introduce Canadians to our national Trail. We are grateful for their continued generosity as they continue to provide TCT with free monthly advertising space.

Clif Bar

Clif Bar continues to support TCT in meeting its signage goals by providing funding for trailhead signage across Canada. Other collaborations included our co-production of Clif Ambassador Maghalie Rochette’s short film The One Percent, which was filmed on the Trail in Quebec, and our involvement in an event that introduced Toronto-based influencers to their city’ section of the Trail.

Esri Canada

By donating their resources and expertise, Esri Canada continues to play a crucial role in the provision of our online map. With this assistance, we can provide an invaluable resource of shared knowledge that raises awareness of The Great Trail and encourages users to protect this national treasure.


We are also grateful for Globalstar, the producer of the SPOT X 2-Way Satellite Messenger and other emergency communications devices, for their sponsorship of prizes for The Great Trail Treasure Hunt.

Tourism Vancouver Island

As part of our mission to bring more Canadians and visitors to the Trail, we were delighted to partner with Tourism Vancouver Island for the first time. An Instameet for young hikers in Langford as well as promoting wonderful travel itineraries along the Cowichan Valley Trail and the Salish Sea Marine Trail were just some of the exciting initiatives we worked on last year.