Where to paddle on The Great Trail of Canada


Make a splash

From the ancient water trails traversed by Indigenous peoples to the trading routes of voyageurs, Canada’s water routes have played a crucial role in the creation of our national identity. Today, a new generation of adventurers are connecting to this rich history across The Great Trail of Canada’s many waterways.

Here’s everything you need to explore Canada’s best waterways this summer.

Our top 5 Trail sections

1 – Lake Superior Water Trail, Ontario

2 – Bras d’Or Lake Water Route, Nova Scotia

3 – Chief Whitecap Waterway, Saskatchewan

4 – Salish Sea Marine Trail, British Columbia

5 – Path of the Paddle, Ontario and Manitoba

Keep exploring, consult our interactive map.

Could you paddle for hours?

We’ve got you covered. Immerse yourself in this serene 5-hour outing near Vancouver Island.

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